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WorldQuant brings opportunity to exceptional talent around the globe.

WorldQuant is an equal opportunity employer.
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Hiring Process


Portfolio Managers

The application process involves a combination of online testing of critical problem-solving skills and programming, phone screens with our Directors of Portfolio Management and a series of onsite interviews with senior members across the firm.



To attract top talent, we hire researchers through multiple channels, including campus and lateral recruitment. Applicants are screened on their academic and professional record, and progress through online testing and a series of interviews with senior research team members. All applicants are evaluated on problem solving, raw intelligence, creativity, research experience, programming / technical skills and general fit.



In efforts to raise the technology bar, we review and screen candidates using a multi-phased approach, which includes online technology exams, technical phone screening and onsite interviews, during which candidates undergo further technical evaluations and collaborate with team members from various technology groups.

WorldQuant Statistics

600 +

600+ employees supporting our relentless pursuit of investment ideas from more than 20 offices worldwide

280 +

280+ researchers employing tested processes to identify high-quality trading signals


Our diverse, growing employee base includes individuals from 15 countries around the world.

WorldQuant Events

WorldQuant holds exciting events throughout the year. Learn more about what’s coming up, and check back often for updates and new events in your area.