Chess and the Art of War at Milken Chess World Champion Magnus Carlsen reveals the secret to his success at the 2017 Milken Institute Global Conference.

Video footage courtesy of the Milken Institute.

Since he began playing chess at age 7, Magnus Carlsen has repeatedly broken records, becoming the youngest grandmaster ever on his way to winning the world championship in 2013 at 22. An ambassador and entrepreneur, Carlsen has set up his own company Play Magnus, which developed an app that allows users to play against Magnus himself, based on a database of recorded games from his youth. At a WorldQuant-sponsored event during the 2017 Milken Institute Global Conference in Los Angeles, Carlsen shared his approach to the game and how technology is changing the way chess is being played.

During an interview with Bloomberg’s Erik Schatzker, the now 26-year-old Norwegian world chess champion attributed his success to sharp focus and a desire for continual learning. On the increasing development of pattern recognition technology, Carlsen says that computers are improving “not only in terms of playing strength, but also in emulating human players.” After the interview, Carlsen played a sudden-death blitz game simultaneously against ten opponents, including WorldQuant CEO Igor Tulchinsky.

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