Data Science Creates Tidal Wave of Opportunity for Women In a Recode article, WorldQuant University CEO Daphne Kis writes how data science creates jobs for women and amplifies their impact on the world.

In this contributed article featured on tech website Recode, WorldQuant University CEO Daphne Kis argues for the importance of data science in creating opportunities for women, both globally and at all levels of their career. Kis explains that data science will amplify the social impact of female leaders and fast-track women’s path to senior-level positions and equal pay.

The WorldQuant University CEO lays out important statistics to support her claims: Women now make up 40 percent of graduates with degrees in statistics, and data science is already demonstrating its usefulness in a variety of sectors from sourcing and supply-chain management to HR and customer-experience management. “As we’ve seen with most technologies, the code is eventually abstracted away from the user and the dirty work of putting the tech to use in real business situations begins,” she writes. “Women no longer need to be expert coders to get in on the data science game.”

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