Jobs, Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Finance At the 2017 Milken Institute Global Conference, WorldQuant CEO Igor Tulchinsky explains the importance of human capital in dealing with technological advances in the finance industry.

Video footage courtesy of the Milken Institute.

The 2017 Milken Institute Global Conference in Los Angeles saw high-profile global leaders in the financial industry come together for a panel discussion on The Future of Finance. The growing role of technology and its impact on people was discussed by the panelists, which included WorldQuant CEO Igor Tulchinsky, New York Stock Exchange president Tom Farley, and Credit Suisse managing director and CEO of global markets Brian Chin. For Tulchinsky, a large and diverse workforce is needed to fully exploit the improved capabilities of artificial intelligence.

In the video, Tulchinsky describes how data fuels WorldQuant. Contrary to the common impression that artificial intelligence destroys jobs, Tulchinsky argues that AI has, in fact, grown employment at WorldQuant. “We used to make 100 signals a year, now we make millions,” he said. “It takes a whole entourage of people to service that, to make sure it’s deployed well.”

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