Rooftop Diaries: WorldQuant at Davos 2017 During the World Economic Forum, WorldQuant University founder Igor Tulchinsky reflects on the need for education to adapt to a changing world.

One of the key themes at this year's World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, was the need for business leaders to adapt to a rapidly changing world as the Fourth Industrial Revolution gathers steam. For WorldQuant University founder Igor Tulchinsky, education is not immune to the forces of change. He believes it needs to continually be revamped to become faster, more efficient and more adaptive.

In this video, shot during the 2017 Davos meetings, Tulchinsky describes how WorldQuant University is addressing the gap between talent and opportunity by finding and accepting the best people throughout the world from places where there is limited access to higher education. Drawing parallels between education and finance, he explains that technology is the most important factor to drive innovation. By upgrading and scaling technology, organizations can stay ahead and ensure education acts as a force multiplier to drive change.

Watch the video: