The Digital Age of Finance Milken Institute Asia Summit: WorldQuant COO Michael DeAddio talks about the impact of technology on asset management.

Big data is having an enormous impact on the asset management business, providing investors with access to far greater information and the ability to make better trading decisions. But as WorldQuant chief operating officer Michael DeAddio reveals during a panel at the Milken Institute's Asia Summit, the explosion of data has had a ripple effect through the industry in less obvious ways, as “almost every company has become a data company in the making.”

On a more mundane level, technology has also lowered the barriers for asset managers to expand, enabling firms to build truly global businesses, says DeAddio. Other panelists include Nobel Gulati, CEO of Two Sigma Advisers, Ian Martin, executive vice president and head of Global Markets and Global Exchange (APAC) at State Street and Sanjay Tikku, senior adviser at KAUST Investment Management.