The Power Of Ideas: Global Education Disparity WorldQuant founder Igor Tulchinsky writes how education can help close the gap between talent and opportunity.

WorldQuant, LLC founder Igor Tulchinsky has always considered education to be critical to society. Unfortunately, educational opportunities are not distributed uniformly across the world, he writes in the Milken Institute’s The Power of Ideas publication. That's why Tulchinsky launched WorldQuant University, which offers the world's first online, tuition-free masters degree program in financial engineering.

WorldQuant University’s online platform was designed to accommodate more than 100,000 students, “utilizing scalable technology to reach and provide high-quality education on demand without regard to national boundaries or wealth,” Tulchinsky explains. By increasing global access to high-quality education, WorldQuant University can help close the gap between talent and opportunity, giving students the necessary education to compete for jobs at some of the world's most prestigious companies.

My experiences have provided me with one insight: Talent is distributed uniformly across the world, while opportunity is not. Igor Tulchinsky